What is Sketches and Snippets?

Sketches and Snippets is the name of the blog I originally started writing on my website JuliaLaingStudio.com

I decided to make Substack my blog’s new home after realising just how much better it is than my previous blogging platform.

What you can expect:

Weekly-ish updates with a focus on art and creativity

  • Sketches and snippets from my studio

  • Art and craft tutorials

  • A few of my favourite things

  • Featured artists

  • Super stuff from online travels

  • Occasional pictures of my very cute cats

Who am I?

I'm Julia Laing, a Scottish artist and maker. My creative interests are diverse. I design and make accessories and textile-art dolls, enjoy hand embroidery, making my own clothes, and have a degree in painting from Edinburgh College of Art.

I've never wanted to...or have been able to limit myself to just one area, and love the satisfaction of learning something new.

Blogging in one form or another since 2006

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Weeklyish posts with a focus on art and creativity from Julia Laing Studio


Julia Laing

Scottish artist and maker.